Digitizing Communications:

This extensively researched book is relying on a wide range of sources.


To cover the early years of Viterbi’s career and Linkabit, we are using material from the archives of

This includes two never-before seen oral histories of JPL communications researchers, released in response to a Freedom of Information Act request.

We are also using

Primary Data

From 2003-2006, we have conducted more than 50 interviews with participants in the San Diego telecom industry, including both founders of Linkabit and three of the seven founders of Qualcomm — as well as founders of some 25 other companies.

Secondary Data

In her 2004 Stanford dissertation, Dr. Simard compiled a database of more than 240 companies, including their founding dates and the founders’ respective career histories. We have also collected news articles on the companies of the region, the space program, the mobile phone industry and other related companies and industries.

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Last Updated November 9, 2006